Enchantop Medium Reviews

I received this topper as a Christmas present. It’s one of the the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever gotten. It’s just the right color and size. My hair is in a shoulder length bob but it’s very thin. Now it looks like a real bob. I just had to trim it to the length of my hair.
~Happycamper on 12/28/2013


I just got my hair today, I put it on and was so excited! It looks so natural, like my hair used to look before it got so thin. I feel like myself again and will no longer have those “glances” at the top of my head, such a relief. I had been to a wig salon and almost bought a topper for twice as much money. The hair seemed too thick for me and didn’t look natural. I’m so glad I found my enchantop! Thank you so much!!! If you’re on the fence about trying this hair don’t be. It’s fabulous!!!!
~Mary on 11/26/2013


I love anything that has to do with hair. I am a beauty blogger and I try almost every new hair extension product that is introduced to the market. This product is lightweight yet durable. The hair quaility is surpurb. It did come with loose waves so I just flat ironed it to blend with my thin straight hair. . . (since my hair doesn’t seem to hold a curl!) The real secret is getting the right color. But if your Enchantop topper is not an exact color as your natural hair you can color it yourself. . . (i tried it and it turned out great and I’m no colorist) I am recommending the Enchantop to all my readers.
~Hairaddict on 10/11/14

Love it! Ordered the #2 Dark brown and it is a perfect match.

~Pauletta on 09/14/2013

I took my Enchantop in for my stylist to cut and style it for me and I love it. I haven’t had this much hair in years. The hair is soft and blends well with my natural hair color. I am happy that I purchased the color ring first because I had no idea what color to order.
~Yulia on 08/11/2013

I own 4 medium enchantops!  Two reasons I love this topper.  First is the light density.  Second is the hairline.  One problem with toppers is they are too thick, too much hair and look too wiggy on me!  My natural hair is fine and thin, even before hair loss. The enchantop blends very well with my hair and looks as natural as can be expected.  The hairline is crafted very well.   My natural hair is very thin along the front and sides and still I’m able to blend the enchantop virtually seamlessly. The medium brown is a perfect match to over the counter hair color in medium brown.  I have one that I haven’t cut at all.  I use it so I can pull my hair back loosely and clip it in back (looks so natural on a warm summer day).  Two are cut to the length of my natural hair, with one slightly shorter to allow for haircuts.
~Carol on 07/15/2013


A M A Z I N G! I didn’t realize how bad my hair loss was until I bought the Enchantop. I live in a very small town and there are no products like this here. There are not even any salons that do hair extensions here. All the videos really helped me learn how to put on my Enchantop and style it. I am so happy with my hair.

~Dalia on 07/06/2013


I have ordered 3 of these over the past 8 montlhs and have been very happy with each of my Enchantops. I like to have several so that I can rotate them. I have one that I wear to church one for tennis and one for work. They are very easy to take care of. I only wash them about every 2-3 months. I let them air dry and then flat iron them. I’ve found if I put a shine serum on them daily it helps keep the hair shiny and moisterized. I absoulely love them. I am much more active now where before I would hide out in my house not wanting to run into friends in fear of them staring at my thinning hair and making comments. I am already self consious about my hair and cetainly don’t want to allow anyone else to make me feel worse. Now I just pop one of these on and go. I can not say enough about how happy I am with my Enchantop hair toppers.

~Margaret on 06/08/2013


Great solution for covering bald spots. Thanks Gorgeous Strandz!

~Jana on  05/10/2013


I bought the Enchantop medium because I wanted bangs but my hair is so freaking thin. I purchased the #1/B Off black and I took it in for my hair stylist to cut bangs. My Enchantop looked so good after she cut it that even she was in awe. I love this product because now I can wear bangs and don’t have to worry about my thin hair splitting or sticking to may forehead. I also love the added volume it gives me. The density is not too thick that it looks “wiggy” it’s just right.
~Karishma on 05/03/2013


Excellent product. Will buy again and again.
~Gabbie on  04/18/2013


I live in Austraila and was a total skeptic about purchasing this product. My hair has been gradually thinning since my early 20’s. The reveiws sound great but you really don’t know if the product is going to work for you if you can’t see it or try it on. I decided to give it a go and I must say the Enchantop really is a great product. I’ve seen women wear fake looking hair extensions and upon first glance you can obviously tell that they are fake. I did not want to be one of those women. The Enchantop looks like my hair! The texture is soft and not shiny like synthetic hair. The clips feel comfortable and after a while you really forget you are wearing it.
~Isis on 03/08/2013


I’m a picky girl. I have diffused thinning on the crown and would rather be natural and bald than look fake and have hair. This topper looks real. I am comfortable in it, it’s light weight. I had to play with the part a bit to get it to lay right and not be an obvious wig look, but I eventually got it to where the mesh part is undetectable. They could have gone a bit closer to the root with color. It looks like the meadow blonde started out very light blonde and they low-lighted it but did not get close enough to the root making the part seem wider due to contrast in shades of blonde. But as I said, you can play with the part until its not noticeable. A more competitive price is sure to come along once there are more of these available on the market but for now I guess I will have to pay the high price for vanity 🙂
~Halah on 03/01/2013


I am a hairstylist and I purchased one of these for myself. I was impressed with the quality of hair and how natural it looked. My clients are always complimenting me and asking what I did differently. When I tell them my secret they are so intrigued. I have no problem removing it right in from of them. The looks on their faces are completely incredulous. They couldn’t believe I was wearing a hair piece. Once I explain how to apply it they usually want one of their own. It looks so great even my clients that don’t have any thinning hair issue want an Enchantop for added volume. As a professional hair stylist I highly recommend this product for these reasons.


Pros: Easy to apply and remove, high quality Remy human hair, can be colored, cut and styled like natural hair, very natural looking, attachment combs stay securely in place, can pull back in ponytail, and can wear in an up-do.


Cons: Have to remove at night and attachment combs should be attached in a different spot everyday to avoid stress on natural hair. The key is not to try to apply the attachment combs perfectly in the same spot on your head in order to keep your hair healthy.


Overall I give this product 5 stars. I’ve been in the beauty industry over 12 years and have not come across a product like this that looks natural and is so easy for clients to do it themselves at home. I will certainly be recommending Gorgeous Strandz Enchantop to more of my clients with thinning hair and hair loss issues.
~RachealTstylist on  02/27/2013


Great Product. Super easy to put in. It looks and feel very natural.
~Happy45 on  02/18/2013


I purchased the medium Enchantop six months ago and I have been thrilled with my new look. I’ve worn it almost everyday.  I’ll definitely be purchasing another one soon but I think I will get the large next time because my hair has grown. I’ve been really happy with my purchase.

 ~Foxym on 12/29/2012


I live in the UK and I purchased one of these a month ago and I must say I am very happy with this product. It is very comfortable and the clips stay in place on my thin hair. I will be ordering another one for my sister who just can’t stop talking about how natural it looks.

 ~Delia on 12/16/2012


Wow! I’ve been struggling with hair loss for several years and have tried various hair extensions and hair loss products. Because my hair is so fine the extensions would always show through. The Enchantop is the only product that has helped me regain my self esteem and gives my hair fullness and volume in areas regular hair extensions can’t.

 ~98Lisa on 11/28/2012


I have never written a review before..but, am so very happy with this product, just had to let others know!!  It is amazing!!  So incredibly natural and easy to use.  I wear it every single day, and will never be without it!!
~Bely natural and cky on 11/12/2012


Why didn’t anyone tell me about this product before now? It’s like the best kept secrets for women with thinning hair. I’m sure celebrities have been wearing them for years. Thanks Gorgeous Strandz for making this available to the general public. The Enchantop has truly changed my life.
~Cassi L. on 11/12/2012


This product has totally transformed my life. I feel more beautiful, confident, and sassy when I wear my topper. It’s kind of weird getting so many compliments on my hair. I haven’t told anyone that I’m wearing it other than my husband. No one really knows what I’ve done differently they just say I look great. The Enchantop is very lightweight sometimes I even forget I’m wearing it. You can’t really swim in it. But other than that it’s the perfect solution for my hair loss. I think I’ll be wearing these forever.
~Lovelonghair on 10/05/2012


Love this product. I’ve purchased toppers from other companies in the past. This is by far the best. Will buy again.
~PaulaA21 on 09/24/2012


Why haven’t I found this product sooner? I’ve been struggling trying to conceal my thinning hair for the last 4 years. I’ve tried toppik and xfusion but it still doesn’t look like I have a full head of hair. I purchased this topper 2 weeks ago and I am so happy that I had to write a review. I’m not much of a product reviewer but the Enchantop definitely deserves one. I have to tell other women how amazing this product is. The color matches my brunette hair perfectly. The hair is a superb quality and it’s very lightweight and doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. No one knows I’m even wearing it. I’ve been receiving so many compliments about how great I look (makes me wonder what I looked like before). Anyway, this has truly been one of my best purchases. If you’re hesitant don’t be. This product is defintly worth the money and your peace of mind. I wish I could give it 10 stars!
~Kirsten G. on 09/21/2012


Great product, excellent quality, exceptional customer service. Will come back again and again.
~Amelia on 09/08/2012


Great product. I wear mine everyday and the color looks like my natural hair color. I purchased a #2 dark brown and cut a few bangs in the front to make it look even more realistic. I think I’ll order the Enchantop Large next time.
~Cet119 on 09/01/2012
I love my new hair! I was searching on-line for a hair topper that was reasonably priced and easy enough for me to do myself. This hair topper  is perfect. I ordered the #14/24. The color was a bit too light for my hair so I had my hairstylist put some lowlites in it. Now the color is perfect. It dosen’t have a ton of hair which I was happy about because I have a small head and I didn’t want it to look like a wig.  It looks very natural. I just wish I could sleep in it.
~Megan T. on  07/13/2012