Enchantop Large Reviews

I just got my large topper today and I love It! It’s is such an amazing feeling to be able to wear my hair down and not be self conscious. I love how natural the topper looks when I put it on. Its not bulky or overly thick and wiggy looking at all. My topper is so comfortable that I barely know that im even wearing it. I LOVE that It is not hot, heavy, or itchy at all! The customer service I received was out of this world too. There was an issue with the topper, that was in stock when i ordered it, being sold out after I ordered and paid for it and they went above and beyond to find me a suitable alternative in time for an upcoming event I had. I did find that it was difficult to reach them on the phone which was a bit frustrating when I was trying to get a question answered but aside from that I am completely satisfied and I’m sure I will be ordering again!!!
~April on 08/04/17


I am no longer embarrassed by my thin stringy hair. I came out of the house for the first time in weeks and feel normal again. I can not say thank you enough Gorgeous Strandz for creating this incredible product. The Enchantop hair topper is a Godsend.
~Cassie Wilson 03/23/17


My Enchantop arrived today and I was able to take it out of the box and put it on. It blends so well with my hair color and I love how beautiful and soft the hair feels. I look and feel 10 years younger. I’ll be a customer for life!
~Latoya R. 10/10/16


I have 3 Enchantops and I love them. I play tennis in one of them and I alternate the other two when I’m traveling for work. I have recommended the Enchantop to at least 5 of my friends they each feel that this product has been a godsend. When we see each other we compare notes on what products we like to uses on our beautiful Enchantop hair. It’s like we have our own little private beauty club. But we want other women to know how amazing this product is which is why I’m writing this review. To say this product has changed my life is an understatement. It has given me my confidence back. It has taken me out of my shell and allowed me to start socializing again. I used to stay hidden in my home avoiding social functions and hanging out with friends. Now I go out every weekend and have just started dating someone new 🙂 The Enchantop has give me my life back and I could not be more grateful. In the past when I found a product I love it ends up being discontinued. I hope this never happens with the Enchantop because this is a products that can help so many women feel whole again.

~Jackie on 10/13/16



I’ve been wearing Enchantops for 2 years now. This is my 4th purchase. I’m a customer for life. If you haven’t purchased one yet give it a shot you’ll be glad you did.
~Fatimali on 07/22/16


I bought this for my wife. It has been on her wishlist for a while now. She talks alot about how much her hair has thinned since we met. Although I’ll always love her and think she is beautiful regardless I could see how unhappy it made her. I surprised her with an Enchantop for her 40th Birthday and she’s wears it everyday. It’s almost like she is a different person. Before she would hide out in the house because she was afraid our friends would notice her hair loss. Now she smiles a lot more and wants to go out more than she used to. I’m happy she’s happy again.
~Tony on 07/22/16


I had bought the medium Enchantop before this one just to see how it’d look, and I loved it so much that I got this one, too! There’s something about these toppers that just look very natural as opposed to other toppers. And yes, it is quite pricey (even more so for Canadians due to our low dollar!) but this was honestly worth every penny. Great company, great customer service, and a great product 🙂
~Hanna on 02/22/16


I found out about this product on the Women’s hair loss forum. The women there had nothing but great things to say about the Enchantop so I decided to give it a try. This hair is excellent quality and easy to curly and style. I’ve washed it once in the 8 weeks that I’ve worn it which is what the people at Gorgeous Strandz recommend. It still looks just as pretty. It is surprisingly lightweight and most days I forget I have it on. I was afraid it would just blow off my head on windy days but the clips on the topper are very strong and stay in place even when the wind is blowing. I will be a customer for life!
~Leslie34 on 01/13/16


Finally found a topper that fits just right and doesn’t look like a wig. Highly recommended.
~Shannon on 06/08/15


I am a hair stylist and I purchased some of these hair pieces to sell in my hair salon. My clients love them! The hair quality is superb compared to other hair pieces on the market. They last a significant amount of time. Most of my clients get a new Enchantop human hair topper about every 9 months. They are not hot or heavy and they are very easy to style. Sometimes I color them to match my clients natural hair. My clients are constantly telling me how much they love their hair and that they feel 10 years younger. It’s also surprises them when even their family and friends don’t know that they have it on! I searched and searched for a solution for my clients who have thinning and finally found one. As a beauty professional I highly recommend Gorgeous Strandz Enchantop human hair toppers.
~Hair Stylist Glenda on 05/14/15


I’ve been looking for a job for over a year now and never got hired. My mom bought me this Enchantop for Christmas and I wore it for the first time on a job interview yesterday. They just called today and told me I got the job!!!!! I know it was the hair. I went in the interview and I felt so much more confident than I did in the past and one of the girls there even complimented me on my hair lol. This product is a life saver, a live changer, confidence booster and the best way to get a new job (and hopefully a man)!!!
~KaliM. on 04/15/15


I am a skeptic and very hard to please. The only way I would wear this is if it looked real. When I received my order I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. When I initially put the topper on it felt like a wig . . . my baby fine hair is super thin in the crown. I think it was the shock of seeing so much hair on my head. I later realized (after watching several of the videos) I needed to have it cut and blended with my hair. I made and appointment with a salon in my area that had experience in wigs and hair extensions. The stylist cut my Enchantop and thinned it out in some areas. After it was all finished I sat looking at myself in disbelief with a tear running down my face. I haven’t looked this lovely or felt this young in such a long time. I would change a few things about this topper. Like the placement of the clips. For me I would move the clip in the front because I wear a center part and not side part. We solved this problem by turning the topper so that the part sat more in the center. Other than that the hair quality is very good and the hair is soft. My scepticism is gone and I am happy I took a leap of faith and made this purchase.
~UKYulia33 on 11/28/14


It’s hard to believe some of the reviews. I’m a skeptic when it comes to things that sound “too good to be true.” But I had to write a review because I am now a believer in this product. It is truly indescribable, the feeling I have looking in the mirror and seeing hair. I feel beautiful, confident AND I’m getting more attention from men….may sound crazy but I think it’s because of the hair. Enchantop you won me over. I am a customer for life or until my grows back 🙂
~Shelia65 on 11/28/14


This is my 2nd Enchantop. The first one I purchased for my wedding. My pictures turned out beautiful because I actually had hair! It’s been 9 months and it’s still in pretty good condition. I thought it would be good for me to get another one just in time for the holidays. This one is just a pretty as the first. The hair is soft and easy to curl. I use a flat iron to style it straight some times and I only shampoo it once every two months. Thats what’s recommended by the folks at Gorgeous Strandz. You would think that the hair would be dirty and greasy after a month but it’s not. I shampooed it after 4 weeks once but that was only because it smelled smoky after going to the night club the night before. I have discovered one secret to keeping the hair tangle free. Use good products. I also purchased the GK hair serum and GK hair conditioning mask and use a moisturizing shampoo. I put a few pumps of serum in daily and keep a brush with me at all times so I can brush my hair throughout the day to alleviate tangles. This makes a HUGE difference. The serum adds shine but it doesn’t weight the hair down. I know I will continue to purchase this product because it has truly made a difference in my appearance and the way other people see me. . . and also my hair loss has progressively gotten worse 🙁 but on the bright side this hair topper has made things a lot more bearable.
~Nadacaprici on 11/07/14


 My third purchase and I am still happy. This time I ordered the #2 Medium Brown and had my hair stylist put highlights in it for summer. I must say this is the best one yet. The color is spot on and no one knows it’s not my hair unless I tell them. Don’t be afraid to try this product. I waited and waited because I was afraid it wouldn’t work for me. Now I’m kicking myself wishing I would have tried it a long time ago. It would have certainly made my life easier.
~Natasha on 05/28/14


I loved my first one so much I decided to buy another one because I noticed they sell out quickly. I live in Sweden and read all of the great reviews about the Enchantop. We don’t have a product like this in my country so I decided to try it out. It is fantastic! All of my friends are so amazed by it they just keep staring at me because they can not believe how natural it looks. I am a little uncomfortable with all the attention I am getting now because of my hair since it has never looked this good. But I think I can get use to it 🙂

~Swedishprincess on 06/26/2013


I work in corporate America and I travel alot. I needed something that would look very natural and help me regain my confidence especially in the boardroom. Believe it or not the Enchantop has done just that. I am constantly on the go and don’t have much time to fuss with my hair. Since I work mainly around men they didn’t notice the change much which is good. I did not want to draw alot of attention to myself. I just wanted my hair back! Now when I meet customers I am much more at ease and confident. Since I’ve been wearing my Enchantop I’ve closed more deals (I swear it’s the hair). To some this may be a bit expensive. But look at it as an investment in YOU because you just can’t put a price on getting your life back and reclaiming your self-esteem.

~CEONancy220 on  06/11/2013


All I can say is WOW…..and THANK YOU! What a great hair piece.

~Delighted102 on  06/10/2013


This product is Incredible!! I wore this for my wedding last month and I was so happy with the way my hair turned out. My hair is thin and stringy. I did not want to look like I was balding in all my wedding photos. The Enchantop gave me just the amount of fullness I needed and it worked perfectly with my veil. I had my stylist add a little volume and we attached the veil in the top of the hair topper. The results were so great I had to get on here and write a review for other brides who have thinning hair and are wondering how to cover it and look natural at the same time. The Enchantop is the way to go. Thanks Gorgeous Strandz this product made for a picture perfect wedding.

~happycamper on  05/29/2013


I live in the UK and purchased this product. I had a lot of hesitation because I could not try it on in person. Since my hair is so thin I decided to give it a shot. After I received it I put it on and styled it. It looks great and very natural. The secret is to watch all of the videos. I just youtubed Enchantop hair topper and was able to follow step by step how to put it on and style my topper. I am very pleased with the product.
~Milia on  05/23/2013


My hair is so limp I can not do anything with it. I’ve tried so many different styling products and volumizing gels, sprays and mousse and nothing worked. It looks great for an hour then it falls flat. I ordered the Enchantop Large and it has been great. I use those same volume boosting products on my Enchantop and it gives it just the right amount of volume and looks so natural. I ordered the medium first but I must say I am happier with the large piece because it covers more of my scalp and the hair is much longer. If your hair is fine and limp like mine this is the perfect hair piece.
~limphairqueen on  05/10/2013


I purchased the Enchantop medium first because I wasn’t sure if this was going to work for me because my hair is extremely thin and baby fine. To my surprise it worked well.  Since then I have purchased two Large Enchantops. I wear one with bangs and one without. Let’s face it…. they aren’t cheap! But who can put a price on peace of mind and renewed self confidence? When I use to go to the salon I would spend $150 – $275 for color and cut every 6 weeks. Now I just spend that money on my Enchantops. I figure if I buy 2 a year it’s a lot cheaper than forking over that money at the hair salon. If you are hesitant about buying this product don’t be. I wish I wouldn’t have waited as long as I did before buying it. I stressed over my hair for so many years and now I finally found something that actually works.
~Momallday24 on 05/07/2013


I have an illness that has cased me to loose my hair. I’ve been searching for a product that looks natural and is somewhat affordable. I am so happy I found the Enchantop hair topper. I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t blend with my short hair. But it blends perfectly. Having hair again is truly helping my healing process.
~Lapel on 05/03/2013


What can I say except Thank You.  ” It’s Fantastic” I ordered the Medium topper first and returned it for the Large one.  The large one is what I needed, I didn’t know how to work with it to get to look right until I watched the video on You-tube.  I finally know how to put it on and it looks very natural.  I am so thankful for this product because I was getting very sick of the hot uncomfortable wigs.  I feel like me again.  Gorgeous Strandz thank you so much. 
~Dee Dee on  04/23/2013


Great product. My hair now looks like the hair I had before having kids. Highly recommended.
~WakiHair on  03/20/2013


I received my Enchantop in the mail on 2/25/13 and this day will ALWAYS be remembered from here on out!!! I can honestly say…..this hair enhancement has CHANGED my life!!  It is an absolutely remarkable product that anyone with thin fine hair should have access to.  I have hated my hair for all of my adult life and with the Enchantop, it has totally changed the way I look at myself.  All of my friends can not believe the difference.  My stylist even said that she had done extensions before and they didn’t look as natural as my Enchantop…..that is impressive!!  I am amazed and I can assure you I will never be without an Enchantop again.  I have more confidence and more self esteem and no longer regret looking in the mirror. Thank you Gorgeous Strandz, from the bottom of my heart!!!
~FineAsFrogsHair on 03/01/2013


I live in the UK and just received my Enchantop. I am sitting her typing this review with tears in my eyes. I can not believe how this product has instantly given me my self-esteem and confidence back. As soon as I put it on I was in disbelief. I have dark brown hair and the color and texture matches my fine hair perfectly. I am a little worried what people will say when they see me with a full head of hair for the first time. But right now I don’t care. I feel better than I have in a very long time. The Enchantop is worth every penny.
~Kelsie on  02/18/2013


I am ecstatic that I found this product. I no longer have to walk around feeling self conscious wondering if people are staring at my balding scalp. I have hereditary hair loss. My mother started loosing her hair at an ealy age and so did my grandmother. I knew it was inevitable. I didn’t try to fight it so I just searched and searched for a product that would at least make me feel normal again. I am so happy someone finally developed a product for women with hair loss issues that look so natural that even somedays I forget I’m wearing it. I know it may sound crazy because there are more things I could be worried about other than my hair loss. I use to cry myself to sleep at night because I felt so ugly. Most people don’t understand until they’ve experienced it for themselves.  As I look at myself with my new topper it bring tears of joy. I just want to say thank you Gorgeous Strandz. I admire what you are doing for women all over the world.
~Petra on 02/01/2013


3 words. I love it! I love it! I love it! Every woman who has fine hair or hair loss should know about this product. I’ve told so many people about the Enchantop. Some of my friends who don’t have hair loss are even buying them (lucky Bitches). They have no clue what it’s like to have to put so many volumizimng products in their hair just to get an inkling of volume. We’ll at least it helps them cover their grey in between salon visits. If you’re reading this and you haven’t bought one what are you waiting on? I was thinking about purchasing the medium but decided on the large instead because it has a larger cape size which provides more head coverage and longer hair. After my hair stylist cut and styled my Enchantop I felt like A MILLION BUCKS! Thanks Gorgeous Strandz for creating a product for women that would otherwise have no where to turn but to hot uncomfortable wigs.
~Hairgoddess on 01/08/2013


I live in Canada and purchased this product because of my thinning hair. I am more than thrilled with the quality of the product. It is easy to apply and looks very much like my own hair. I’ve told several of my thin hair friends and they are going to be buying Enchantops of their own soon.
~Hairless8 on 11/11/2012


I received my Enchantop hair topper yesterday. I took it in for my stylist to cut and style it and I couldn’t be more happy. I sat in her chair and cried tears of joy. My hair hasn’t been the same since chemo. It grew in curly and a lot thinner. The Enchantop has really helped me like what I see in the mirror again. I am happy to be alive and I am happy to have hair that looks so healthy, full, and voluminous. I can not thank you enough!
~Malta on  09/21/2012


I live in the UK and it is very difficult to find a product like this. The Enchantop has given me my life back. Before, I was always subconscious about going out because of my thinning hair. Once I received my topper and put it on I immediately felt better. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear. My natural hair is a dirty blonde but I have highlights. I purchased the #14/24 warm wheat blonde and it’ really amazing how well it blends with my blond highlights. I feel it looks most like my own hair when I curl it with a curling iron. When I’m wearing my topper I get so many compliments and I am no longer ashame to be out and about with my friends.
~Tia on  08/26/2012


I purchases the Enchantop medium first. It works so great. I place it in the crown area just behind my hairline and it looks like I have a full healthy head of hair again. I wear my hair extensions in the back. I decided to try the large Enchantop. It’s ever better than the medium because it has a larger base and more hair. Some units feel too thick. This one has just the right amount of hair and it feels like about 100% density. It’s perfect for me. I always take it in for my hairstylist to blend and layer it to look like my natural hair. I wear the large Enchantop more now because I don’t have to wear my extensions with it. When this one is worn out I will definitly be purchasing another one.
~Sam G. on  08/11/2012


This product has really changed my life. My hair started thinning a year and a half ago. At first I didn’t notice it but it quickly became more noticeable as the years went by. I started to feel really self conscious. My friend recommended the Enchantop Hair Topper so I decided to purchase one. It has truly changed my life. I wear it everyday and no one even knows I have it on. If your are suffering from hair loss and you are nervous about trying this product don’t be. It’ll be on the the best purchases you’ve ever made.

~Kelly43O on  07/22/2012